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Activities in Cox’s Bazar


Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin Tour

  • Tour Type: Standard Trips
  • Tour Duration: 2 Nights, 3 Days
  • Minimum Person: 4
  • Maximum person: 40
  • Visa Asst: Applicable for foreigner only


Things to Do

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is the largest and beautiful sea beach all over the world. Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, located at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, is the longest unbroken sea beach in the world, running 120 kilometres. It is the top tourist destination of Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar is a town, an angling port and area base camp in Bangladesh. The shoreline in Cox’s Bazar is an unbroken 120 km (75 mi) sandy ocean shoreline with a tender incline, one of the world’s longest. It is found 150 km (93 mi) south of the mechanical port Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar is likewise known by the name Panowa, whose exacting interpretation signifies “yellow blossom.” Its other old name was “Palongkee”.

The cutting edge Cox’s Bazar gets its name from Captain Hiram Cox (passed on 1799), an officer of the British East India Company. Cox was selected Superintendent of Palongkee station after Warren Hastings moved toward becoming Governor of Bengal. Skipper Cox was extraordinarily assembled to manage a century-long clash between Arakan displaced people and nearby Rakhains. He set out upon the undertaking of restoring displaced people in the zone and gained noteworthy ground. Chief Cox passed on in 1799 preceding he could complete his work. To celebrate his part in recovery work, a market was built up and named Cox’s Bazar (“Cox’s Market”) after him.

Today, Cox’s Bazar is a standout amongst the most-went by visitor goals in Bangladesh, however it is not a noteworthy worldwide vacationer goal. In 2013, the Bangladesh Government shaped the Tourist Police unit to better secure neighborhood and remote travelers, and in addition to care for the nature and untamed life in the visitor spots of Cox’s Bazar.


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